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Games are an integral part of a casino and finding the right game can be very tough, we have a few assortments which will allow you to have the best experience allowing you a better time playing.

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Table game for people who want to give themselves a chance at winning in blackjack and poker.

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We will make sure that while playing baccarat your focus stays on the game allowing you to have the best time winning.

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We have our very own variant of the game which has allowed us to stay relevant with our audience.

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We have a lot more games to offer as we want to make sure that your entertainment is dine right. We strive to build an enjoyment which allows everyone to enjoy their life with us.

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Get your bets high, hone the skill and get a chance at winning at the lunar variation of the poker.

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There are many real chances of you winning a jackpot. The question here is, Are you willing to bet on it?

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Each table has its own limits and we want to make sure that you have the right help which can allow you to get the right room to get started on a particular game.

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How to the most out of your next visit to SkyCity Casino

Top tips on Skycity online casino

Whether you’re looking for the best games for beginners or simply the best way to play. We’ll cover how to spot a good game and how to win at each one. With a friendly atmosphere, great food and entertainment, SkyCity Auckland Casino is an ideal place for you and your friends to spend an evening. Here’s a quick guide to enjoying your visit as much as possible.

How to plan a trip to the casino

If you want to gain a competitive advantage and be the best, you need to be there first. When you’re a first mover in a market, you’re able to set the standard for best practices and build a reputation for being the one to do things a certain way so that everyone else follows suit. How to get there If you want to get there quickly, never look back. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Travel must be planned for and limited to ensure that you can get where you need to go quickly. It’s better to take three months than an entire year. Think of it this way — at the end of January, would you rather have stayed in your house, doing nothing, or gone out and tried to make a few bites of the local food scene and possibly conquered several new restaurants?

How to Enter SkyCity and Get Ready for Your Night Out

  • Step 1: Find your SkyCity SkyDeck ticket. If you haven’t already purchased one, head to SkyCity.co.nz to buy your ticket online and print it at home.
  • Step 2: Download the SkyCity app. If you haven’t already done so, download the SkyCity app on your smartphone. The app is available for Android and iOS.
  • Step 3: Confirm your email address when asked for it.
  • Step 4: By logging into your SkyCity account, you will be taken to an interactive casino where you can play a range of classic and modern games including blackjack, card games, and the game of Monopoly.
  • Step 5: Once online, go to your transaction screen and add cash or check to the online taxes.

I love the SkyCity app for its low entry barrier to casino gambling. However, the live Blackjack game requires a constant internet connection. Blackjack requires high spinning servers and extensive data calls to begin and ends games. Three card poker users may count on only 2 cards and only a small fraction of the cards can be dealt with in any practical time frame.

Dining at the casino

I went to SkyCity Casino for dinner with my boyfriend and we had a great experience. The restaurant is called Black Rock and it’s located on the top floor of the casino. The food was delicious and the view is fantastic. You can see the whole city and the harbour. The $100 bill came out to about $350. We had fun!
Gambling can bring in a lot of revenue for the hotel, the games and the surrounding area. I am extremely excited about this industry because it is growing and so many people around the world are looking to enjoy themselves and make a profit.

SkyCity Hotel Auckland

If you’re visiting Auckland, New Zealand, then I can’t recommend the SkyCity Hotel enough. It’s a beautiful hotel that’s centrally located and very affordable. The rooms are spacious, the staff is friendly and helpful, and there’s a great restaurant with a view of the city.

SkyCity Hotel also offers more than New Star motel, which borders the Auckland harbour. At $69 per night, the New Star’s rates are one of the most expensive in the city, with rates going up to $99 per night inside, including beachfront rooms. What if you’re staying one night and need to take a bus to the airport? Book the bus fare online and collect the ticket in advance at SkyCity (Make sure to book the bus about an hour before flying out, as of right before you take off, the shuttle leaves the front of the hotel, not the back).

Food options Hotels can’t always supply healthy meals, and it’s best to cook at home. When you’re visiting a beach town, grab a quick bite to go to your room. Most beaches have souvenir shops where you can pick up authentic local foods, including bread, cheeses, and sweet treats, all prepared to keep you satisfied without being too heavy.

Nearby parks waterfront walking is one of the best ways to get in a great workout, whether you want to do laps, play beach volleyball, or just run or cycle along the beautiful waterfront. For a dramatic background picture, take a trip to the Hilton Head Observatory: it’s one of the most beautiful spots in New Zealand.

Entertainment and games

Blackjack is a card game that’s played between one and eight players at a Blackjack table. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting a hand whose total value is closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21. Players play in turns, and the turn to play moves clockwise around the table. Each card contains a certain number of points, and if the player who’s dealt the card wins the game, he wins the point value associated with that card plus whatever amount of money was added to the pot.

There are also bonus points associated with winning by such small margins that they constitute paying taxes, but that’s beyond the scope of this article to discuss. Blackjack can be a fun card game with a bit of luck involved. It’s a great way to loosen the bonds of family and friends for a bit. This is also one of the most popular games to play at a casino.

At SkyCity You Have The Best Table Games

Casino table games are a great way to have fun while betting. There are many table games to choose from, you have Blackjack to Three Card Poker and everything in between, table games has become more and more popular, maybe even more so than slots. If you like to gamble like many of us do, then you might want to consider table games at the casinos, why you might ask? I would have to say because you might just have a better chance of winning cold hard cash verse playing the slot machine. Slot machines can be very exciting to play, the sense of luck people tend to associate with slots, but table games are where it is at! For instance, in SkyCity Auckland, you will find plenty of table games to play that not only give you a sense of enthusiasm but also is more logical to play because you are not just playing the game, what we call luck but your chances of winning become greater because you are playing against the dealer or other players of that specific table game.

Okay, now that I have got that out of the way, let’s just dive right in. Here are some of the table games that Auckland, in New Zealand, has to offer! Blackjack is one of the most popular games to play, your chance of winning in the table game is pretty impressive. Even though luck is always a good thing, and with all things it’s always good to have luck on your side, but with some table games, it requires more than just pure luck, it also requires skills. Unlike Blackjack where there is a chance, meaning luck and also, needing expertise, but when it comes to Roulette it’s pure luck, it’s knowing how to bet. Spinning wheels can result in you losing cash very swiftly if luck is not on your side. But again, just like other games, there is a rush that you get, an undeniable thrill.

SkyCity Auckland has many different table games to choose from. Poker is another table game that has been around literally for hundreds and hundreds of years as well as Roulette which leads back to Rome. The Poker game tool is about the cards and the chips, anyone who plays Poker knows that the game is all about the individual technique and luck has little to do with the game that we call Poker.

Another table game to play when visiting Skycity Auckland Casino is Baccarat. Baccarat consists of the Player and the Banker. With this game it’s all about what side you are betting on, you get to choose either the Player or you can choose the Banker and you can also choose Tie, whoever team get nearest to the 9 is the winner. This game is very exciting, it is all about your luck and not so much about your skills.

Snake Eyes is all about the exchange, exchange cash for chips. This game is all about the dice, unlike games such as Roulette or Blackjack Snake Eyes does not involve cards or chips, and the game is mainly by chance. This table game includes the Dealer and also the Shooter, so let the dice roll and you might just be a winner!

Money Wheel may be one of the effortless table games to play at SkyCity Auckland. It is the wheel of fortune, spin the wheel for a shot of your chance to win big money, no dice, cards, chips or skills needed in this casino game named the Money Wheel. The payout can be great and very rewarding! Anyone can quickly see how much fun this game can be, so place your bet and let the wheel spin!

Ultimate Texas Hold’em, its somewhat like playing Poker but you are participating with the dealer instead. Again, in this specific game, you also exchange cash for chips. The objective is to have a five-card hand that exceeds that of the Dealer. This game seems to be a little bit more complex, unlike Money Wheel that seems to be the easiest of the table games at SkyCity Auckland. Considering there can be many factors you are dealing with. The game has the Dealer’s hand, your hand, you are working with the Community Cards, you also have the Ante bet, Blind bet, Trips bet and the Play bet.

The table game at SkyCity named Three Card Poker, the aim is to beat the dealer and it is also less complicated than it’s brother, the game we know as Poker. And you also have a greater chance to win playing Three Card Poker. It’s all about the cards you are dealt with. You exchange cash for chips and let the game begin! This table game has many different rankings, you have straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, and then you have Flush and Pair. This table game is fun to play and can be easy to win.

SkyCity’s Most Popular Games of 2020

SkyCity is a virtual award-winning casino. They are always adding new games as more come out. Their library includes over 1000 different titles games to choose from. Their newest games are Books of Gods, Kingmaker, Mighty Arthur, and Vikings Go To Hell. In these games you have a lot of chances to win some serious cash. They also have the newest software. We will take a close look to see what makes these games different from all the other games and why you should try them out. If you want the rush from casino games these games will deliver.

Books of Gods

Books of Gods takes you to an ancient Egypt theme. They have so many features like Cloning Symbols, Free Spins and Feature Drops. The maximum payout is 4,860 times the amount you bet. With this game the lowest you can bet is .10 or the highest at 40 euro. Book of Gods has a RTP of 96.35%. In this game it has four gods, the gods have different pay tables. Purple is the highest, then red, blue and green. The different gods are purple is god of afterlife, red is god of the sun, blue is god of the moon and green is god of the earth. You can also win about 30 to 45 free spins, but you can also land on more free spins to give you unlimited numbers to get from free spins. There are so many “Book of” games, but this game is different from the others.


Kingmaker takes you back in time when things were so different. This game’s special features are Wild Symbols, Gem Multipliers and Scatter and Free Spin. This game has 5 reels and 7 rows to make so many chances to win. Kingmaker has about 16,807 ways you can win. The maximum you can win is 24,250 times the amount you bet. You can bet anywhere from .20 to 20 euro. This game has a RTP of 96.65%. The highest paying symbols are four gems. First one is the green snake, followed by blue griffin, red minotaur and at the maximum paying symbol purple dragon.

Mighty Arthur

Mighty Arthur theme is from the legend of King Arthur and his knights. The features for this game are Arthur Expanding Wilds, Merlin Random Wilds and Free Spins. They have 5 reels and 3 rows. You only have 20 ways to win. The maximum payout is 75,000 coins. You can win up to 621 times the amount you bet. With Mighty Arthur you can bet .20 or the highest of 100 euro. This game has a RTP of 96.95%. You can only get up to 10 free spins, they don’t retrigger like some games. Many games have the theme of King Arthur but this is a better model. They have 11 symbols and the highest paid one is a letter in an emblem-like frame. A symbol with the number 10 on it is the lowest paying symbol.

Vikings Go To Hell

Vikings Go To Hell has rocks and stones as their theme. This is the third game made for the Viking series. They have 5 different features such as Demon Fights, Rage Collection, Berzerk Free Spins, Treasure Chests and Free Spins. There are 5 reels and 4 rows. That means 25 ways to win. Payout at maximum is 100,000 coins. The least you can bet is .20 or up to 100 euro. In Vikings Go To Hell there is so much you can do like fight demons and earn points.

So you see the games are very different from each other but that’s what makes them so great. They all have different themes to keep you interested. You should definitely give these a try, they sound great and look amazing. You will have so much fun in your spare time. Being at home a lot more gives you something to do and take you places without leaving your living room. They have so many different ways to win and keep winning. All of these games are slot games and some have a little extra up their sleeves. With SkyCity there are so many more games you could play too. It will be so worth it.

They all have great reviews from people all around the world. They love these games and can’t stop playing them. People also say they love the chances of winning and how much you can win. They say it is worth the money because you can win so much. Books of Gods rating is 6.8 out of 10. Kingmaker has a rating of 73%. Mighty Arthur has a star rating of 4.7 stars. Vikings Go To Hell rating is a star rating of 3.3 stars. They all have great ratings and they only keep getting better. So you see that they are great games and you should try them out.

Have the time of your life at Sky City Casino

What you will find at SkyCity Casino

All of us need some time to be ourselves kick back and enjoy life to its absolute fullest. Take a break from our everyday routine of living, personal time with family and friends, time to feel a little wild, and like a child again. Why not satisfy this much needed and deserved quality time with your family and friends at the Sky City Casino in Auckland, New Zeland? At Sky City Casino, you will experience the best time of your life ever imagined. Any game you can think of is there, providing more than 2,000 slot game machines and 150 table games, you are sure to discover delightful entertainment at every corner.

Some of these games include, but are not limited to, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette. If you are one who enjoys playing with dice, you will be happy to know this casino has Snake Eyes and Tai-Sai. If you prefer the more fast-paced games, the casino has Rapid Roulette that you will enjoy. Sky City Casino has a private area, especially for VIP members with game tables. Baccarat is a favored game by many, and it also has a room of its own with 20 different game tables.

The casino has an incredibly large floor of 70,000 square feet, allowing plenty of room for everyone to play comfortably. At the casino, you will notice they have a bet limit posted of $500.00. However, the limit is set on a case by case foundation and will ask each player to show valid identification for the first time they play a bet that is over $500.00. During the year 2019, Sky City in New Zeland opened an online version of there services, keeping there branding of Sky City Casino. For a more in-depth look at this, you can read a SkyCity Online Casino Review. The Sky City online casino is 100% legal and located in Malta; therefore, the New Zeland law cannot touch it. 

Other Features of the Casino

The food selection at the casino will blow your mind with pretty much any dish you could imagine. If you are in the mood for a Japanese dish, you will want to visit the MASU restaurant. Here the restaurant has a Japanese scenery of their tradition and offers the luxury of a full bar. Shawn Conolly’s famous Australian Born Grill offers the largest varieties of meats that serve lunchtime and dinner. At the Orbit 360, you will not only enjoy the food, but you find fascination in the rotating intervals that allow you to see the full scientific view.

The bars at the casino are magnificent! By Peter Gordon, a chef in New Zeland, the Bilotta is a Spanish style environment with consistent menus change. The Twenty One is one of the higher up bars, giving you a very welcoming feeling when you enter and have a live DJ every evening. At Sky City Casino, the hotels are incredibly spacious with a five-star rating and have nearly every facility you could imagine! The Sky City Hotel has something to do for just about everyone and has many restaurants to choose from and even has a theatre.

The casino has a Sugar Club that is well-liked by many. In this club, you will see beautifully accented pieces of furniture, such as elegant tableware, brass fittings, stone table tops, and much more, creating that special one of a kind environment that you will be sure to remember for a lifetime. The chef will offer you various small dishes during lunch hour and the same with dinner, therefore allowing room for the extraordinary desserts of delicacy. If you start to feel like you need a little pick-up and go during the Sky City Casino in New Zeland, be sure to stop to visit at the Rebo Pronto for one of the best cups of coffee to be found. At Rebo Pronto, you can also get soda and snacks. And when you feel the urge to wind down and or recapture your thoughts, you will find an inner sanctuary where you can go for relief. This facility specializes in professional treatments for both men and women and offers Eastern Therapies and therapies for your pleasure. With this refreshing experience, you will be well set up and prepared for your next adventure. All of the hosts at Sky City Casino take their responsibilities very seriously. As a requirement by the law, they have a standard in minimization and for preventing harm for New Zealand and internationally.

Etiquette in the Casino

Anyone who appears to have consumed too much alcohol and behaves poorly will get escorted off the premises. Any patrons who get caught begging and or loan sharking will be required to leave. The dress code at Sky City Casino is quite simple, asking that no gang-related icons be visible, No flip-flops are allowed from 9:00 pm.-5:00 am. Men are not permitted to wear sleeveless shirts, no torn or dirty clothes, or shoes are acceptable unless they were designed that way, and no trade or safety clothing is allowed. And to enter the Sky City Casino, you must be 20 years old or older. Many people find that the casino is much larger than they had expected once they get inside, and they notice somewhat hidden pokie machines in unexpected places. So how about planning your reservations ahead of time and prepare yourself for the best experience that you will ever have. Your family will not be able to thank you enough.

Sporting Options in Auckland

It is very true that many people love sporting activities. As a lover of any sports activity, you are either a participant or just a fan. Auckland in New Zealand has a lot of sporting options. Anybody involved in any sporting activity cannot miss participating or spectate in the sports they love when you are in Auckland. Auckland in New Zealand enjoys a lot of commonwealth games ranging from rugby, cricket, soccer, basketball, and even netball. Most of these mentioned sports have enjoyed a lot of recognition because they are considered as national sports in entire New Zealand. In fact, rugby sports in Auckland have enjoyed international recognition. The below article elaborates on the sporting options you can enjoy while you are in Auckland, New Zealand.

Rugby Sport

The sporting culture and life in Auckland are generally influenced by rugby. Rugby is not only a regional event, but it is a national event that brings people from different continents together. Rugby sport occupies the backbone of the sporting option in entire New Zealand, leave alone Auckland. Auckland rugby team produces grass superstars, which in turn produces the international super team. Despite the enjoyment rugby has got from teams, it has also commanded a huge fan base. So many people in Auckland have come out to enjoy the rugby game. Auckland rugby has gained a lot of fans, locally and internationally. Many people have perfected their skills of playing rugby in Auckland, and if you are not a player, you become a very great spectator. There are a lot of rugby events organized across Auckland and entire New Zealand. This game has become a culture for the people living in Auckland and the whole country of New Zealand. It is also part of the kiwi culture in New Zealand. So when you are a rugby lover, I bet that you will not miss anything concerning rugby when you are around Auckland. You can as well participate or spectate a rugby game in Eden Park found in Auckland.

Soccer Game in Auckland

Auckland has got both adults and kids soccer teams. Women are also not left behind since there are also women teams competing for the love of the game. So if you are one of those football diehard fans or players, Auckland suits all your soccer needs. There are several football teams for kids, women, and men, which you can join and enjoy while in Auckland. Apart from people just playing football, these sporting activities have also improved social developments in the region since people can interact during these sporting events. Auckland has its football team known as the Auckland FC. But the football activities in Auckland do not take place throughout the year. It’s seasonal with breaks in between to give players and teams time to prepare. So if you are a soccer fan or player, there are football calendars set aside by Auckland Football Federation, which guides you to the football events around Auckland. You can time your visit around these periods. For some online fun at SkyCity, Auckland also comes out tops.

Basketball in Auckland

Basketball was literally invented in Auckland. It was invented in YMCA, Massachusetts, by a doctor called James Naismith. After its invention, basketball has gained a lot of popularity not only in Auckland but across the entire world. A lot of participants and fans of basketball have emerged all over to play or spectate. Basketball comes with a dribbling nature, which makes it so cool for the participants and spectators too. Basketball has also provided good health to the participants. It ensures proper cardiovascular workout since it involves a lot of energy. In basketball, there are a lot of teams in Auckland who need basketball players. Whether you’re touring or coming to stay in Auckland, don’t let the chance explore the region and play this spectacular pass you by. And in case you are a basketball player and you don’t have a team, you can table your inquiries to the YMCA in Auckland, and you will get hooked to a team.

Netball in Auckland

Netball is the most common sports activity for women in Auckland. Indoor netball is for both men and women. Netball competition in Auckland brings friends and colleagues together every week. Friends are able to meet after a week to take part in the physical activity and stage competitions. In the end, netball improves not only teamwork among the competitors but also boosts communication. It is a great opportunity to improve the cardiovascular fitness of the players. There are several sessions which give you a comfortable time as you have a lot of fun. There are evening sessions which are for both gender and also the one for women alone. You can choose the one which suits you best.

Water Sports

Auckland is the known sailing destination in New Zealand. Grab the opportunity to sail in the American ex sailing yacht in Auckland. Water sports such as sailing and boat racing are common in Auckland. The place is surrounded y large water bodies creating the opportunity for sports lovers to enjoy. Grab the chance to sail in the harbor of Auckland, such as the Waite Mata Harbor. So if you want to see America’s unforgettable trophy yacht, don’t miss out sailing to the Waite Mata Harbor. Auckland is generally known as the city of sails. And apart from sailing, you can as well enjoy boat activities such as boat rides and racing. Then you are also required to dress well for both sailing and boat events. There is special clothing which is very much comfortable for a sailing adventure.

Skydiving Experience

There are lots of skydiving activities in the Bay Islands. Everyone loves to experience the awesome nature of skydiving. The blue skies and the golden waters provide a very beautiful atmosphere that even the dullest person will appreciate. Everybody wants to experience the buzz and the adrenaline brought about by skydiving. Don’t be left behind.


There are lots of sporting options in Auckland suitable for both tourists and locals. You just have to choose your favorite sport and participate either as a fun or a player. Just make sure you don’t leave Auckland without visiting the grounds.

Horse Racing in Auckland Offers Much Thrills

While enjoying New Zealand’s best tourism, you may be interested in horse racing. In the city of Auckland, you will find good choices in them. There is the Avondale Racecourse, the Auckland Racing Club, and Alexandra Park. Here they will give you a chance to make a few bets while out looking around. The Avondale Racecourse is proud of its history in New Zealand. They have been in horse racing since 1889. They give the horses and riders fair racing on a track known for quality performance. It is a 1800m long track with right-handed turf. The track has versatile and consistency to rely upon. The jockey’s who ride it know it well. Along with the horse owners they use it often. The Avondale track has several dates throughout the year for racing. A day out here is full of excitement and enjoying the beautiful park. Every horse race gives those who bet new chances to win prizes. Their location in Auckland gives them good access to visitors. There are three courses that Auckland uses year-round. They provide a thrilling show, with fashion and plenty of food available. While here try betting on your favourite horse for fun.

The main horse racecourse in Auckland is the Auckland Race Club. Located in Ellerslie, New Zealand it is where the majority of fans come. Dressed in high fashion and enjoying the great scenery. One recent racing event was the Barfoot and Thompson Races. They were apart of a series of races held throughout the year. They race thoroughbred horses and take pride in their winners. The Auckland Cup Week was held with this event. The events go on through the year and are given unique names. There is also the Autumn Race day event and the Queens Birthday Race day. They, however, are cancelled, unfortunately. The city of Ellerslie is a beautiful suburb located near Auckland. It’s here you find this great track and enjoy horses doing there best. Horse racing takes speed and the jockey’s put them to the test. Going around every turn, picking up speed until crossing the finish line. Once the winner has won he gets the trophy at the end. For anyone wanting to place bets, they can choose their horse first. Then if they are right achieving success. The horse that races fastest will be given the trophy. At the end of the day players, betters and onlookers will have enjoyed much to see.

Another race track here is the Alexandra race track. Here you can enjoy good horse racing, in a track with views of Auckland. They have a restaurant on the fifth floor called Top of the Park. With floor to ceiling windows to enjoy races from. The restaurant is the best in town, making the day great for horse racing. Their restaurant has a celebrity chef who has just left life on the road. His name is Richard Harris and he has made quite a name for himself. Before coming here he travelled with musicians all over the country. Now his main job is cooking at Alexandra Park’s restaurant. He says the only difference is those he works alongside now have four legs. It has around a thousand events a year, and he is running it very well. Richard says he can hear the sounds of hoofs beating, and the roar of the crowd together. They get around 160,000 people a year that visit his restaurant. He has skill in cooking, that gets high remarks from Alexandra’s customers. Making food here is his career which is going great.

One major event at Avondale is the Avondale Cup. Run-on a track 2200 meters long with a prize if 150,000 dollars. It puts them in a category all there own. In Auckland, people do sightseeing and want the best. Going to the horse races is just the thing for it. When you’re at Auckland/Ellerslie racetrack, you can enjoy a platinum package during it. Here you will get a table located in the hospitality area of your choice. You will also get to meet a tipster that will give some knowledge of the day ahead. Then you will be allowed to the horse’s weigh-in area. Here you will meet the jockey’s and have time to talk to them. They will give some thoughts on the day’s race, and how it should go. The days plan under the Platinum package will go great. You can also enjoy food and drink at it. Their cuisine is selected to be the highest choice in town. From culinary experts who have taken their time to make it exceptional.

Auckland race track provides the premier thoroughbred horse races well. Visit many times over the year and enjoy all the occasions. Fashion is a thing here you will not miss. The women do very well showing their best fashionable styles. During the races, you’re looking out for your horse closely. Sitting with family and friends and seeing who achieves the most. Have drinks on the house with your friends by paying upfront beforehand. The partygoers are having much fun, as the races go on and people win at them. It is the horses that are the centre of attention during racing. They’re putting on a show that provides thrills that families will enjoy. As the race goes on the competition stays great.

The Best Day Trips From Auckland.

Auckland is a dream place to visit because of the beautiful tourist sites you can find. When we talk about Auckland, it is a place where a lot of people from outside New Zealand are struggling to start a new life. Auckland can be explored by using a couple of days. People who travel to see Auckland says they have had a better experience from the urban side of the city. This beautiful place is filled with different food cuisine and cultural events, unique coffee shops, the best boutiques with the hottest and cutest clothes. Auckland has many beautiful places like Waiheke Island, Rangitoto, Waitakere Ranges, etc. We will be discussing more some of these beautiful places in Auckland in the best days of trips.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island has pristine beaches, fantastic cuisine, and world-class wines. Because of these beautiful places, Waaihoek island is considered to be the island of jewellery in the Haruki gulf’s crown. Because you will have many things to do, Waiheke island is voted to be one of the world top 20 islands according to Conde Nast Traveller in the year 2016 and was amongst Lonely Planet’sPlanet’s list of the 10 regions in the year 2015. Waiheke is a special place to relax your self at the fantastic beaches and beautiful accommodation avenues during your best days of trips. Many businesses make Waiheke a home to visit. Waiheke Island Tourism is a non-profit business company that ensures to conserve the uniqueness of the island. People who take a trip to Waiheke island enjoys a memorable experience from Waiheke.

Rangitoto Island

This island is volcanic in the Hauraki Gulf close to Auckland. It is the youngest and largest amongst Auckland’sAuckland’s 48 volcanic cones, and it is recognized to be the world’s largest Pohutukawa forest. Rangitoto is considered to be Auckland’sAuckland’s supreme island. An island is a favourite place for hikers and day-trippers. Tour on the 4WD road train or walking on the summit on foot. You can visit the black lava caves where kids will love to explore. Visitors who love to play with water can take a kayaking trip with the sea out to Rangitoto. The brave can try kayaking in the night, going in the evening to watch a fantastic sunset from climax before riding in the dark to the beautiful lights. Rangitoto provides different short and long walks of visitors. The most outstanding is the aforementioned summit track to the crater which has an eye-catching perspective from Auckland and the Waitemata Harbor

Waitakere Ranges

Are you looking for one of the best places to visit in Auckland? Waitakere Ranges is one of the best places you would love to visit in Auckland. It takes only 40minute to travel from Auckland to the Waitakere Ranges. Waitakere Ranges is one of the best places of hikes that can take you through the woodland to see the amazing waterfalls. It is a region with one of the best natural treasures. The Waitakere Ranges Regional Park is where flourishing local natural life and rugged dark sand surf seashores meet up. The wild west feels like a different universe away. However, it is just a 40-minute drive from the downtown area. With more than 250 kilometres of strolling tracks, the surroundings are an excellent spot to investigate by walking, surrounded by astounding views. Most loved beautiful places like the Karkare Falls, are entirely open. For those looking for a trip to the Hillary Trail, you are going to have the best of fun. Hillary Trail has a tramp through the local backwoods and along the wild bank of the Waitakere Ranges. You can visit Arataki Visitor Center for track maps and perspectives before strolling among the kauri trees and goliath tree plants.

Great Barrier Island

The Great Barrier Island has a long white surf beach with high cliffs on the east coast. The island has a valley that runs from the top mountains to the valley. One reason why you should take a trip to the Great Barrier Island is the beautiful sea link. The sea link takes both vehicles and passengers from the Wynyard Quarter to the Tryphena Harbour. While you are enjoying the trip to the sea, you will see beautiful dolphins and penguins in the sea. Great Barrier Island has waters where you could go kayaking and hire gear on the island.


In case you’re a holidaymaker hoping to go to Australia, you should visit Devonport Tasmania. Devonport presents numerous exercises, offers impressive characteristic excellence, highlights brilliant tourist spots locations, and has some incredible shopping encounters coming up for you. Devonport is one of the best places to have a trip to Auckland. Devonport is regarded as a beautiful tourist destination with beautiful beaches and coastal cities. It is one of the top sites that records the highest number of visitors every year. There are heaps of bold exercises that you can anticipate in Devonport Tasmania, remembering surfing for the Mersey River, quad biking, and horseback riding around the Cradle Mountain and massive wild to encounter. In situations where you need a break from the exercises, there are copious things for you and your family to do in the city. Devonport comes in with many landmarks and sights, including the Regional Gallery, the Don River Railway, the Home Hill, Antique Emporium, and Coles Beach. Introducing a blend of noteworthy centrality and Tasmanian culture, these sights and tourist spots are not to be missed. Devonport Tasmania presents high standard excellence, with professional flowerbeds and the Freycinet National Park, the astonishing Cataract Gorge, long cycling preliminaries, the fabulous Cradle Mountains and it’s close by hills. Devonport has prestigious markets on the island of Tasmania. It has intriguing. Many of the business sectors in Devonport have exceptional occasions each other Saturday, which makes the market a one of a kind shopping place. Devonport Tasmania, being the most significant provincial focal point of Tasmania, has a scope of astounding settlement choices for you to look over, including condos, inns, B&B’ and some more. The city is vibrant and genuinely extraordinary. There are many attractive places why I will recommend you to visit Devonport Tasmania. There are numerous different reasons why Devonport is known to be a fantastic occasion, yet to discover more, you should keep reading and know more about this beautiful place. If you are wondering about where you would stay and enjoy your trip, this should not be a burden. While you decide to remain in Devonport for a trip, you can try the fantastic hotels over there. Hotels in Devonport have great and reasonable settlement alternatives with present-day offices and luxuries, which will allow you to take advantage of your trip. If you want beautiful places to have a trip, Auckland would be perfect for you.

Things To Know Before Visiting SkyCity Casino Auckland

Are you thinking about visiting Auckland, New Zealand? Do you want to try the SkyCity Casino? We have some fast facts you need to be aware of before you start playing the game.

Extravagance Casinos like SkyCity are some of the more opulent casinos you will find. You will find the opulence both online and in the physical casinos. Some of the features might be considered( by some) to be over-the-top. However, and, and more importantly, there is a uniqueness to the over-the-top appearances. In some ways, it is very elegant.

The Access One restrictive element is the age requirement. You do have to be of age. You have to be at least 20 years or older to play. That goes for online players and those who visit the physical casino. Do you plan on visiting one of the physical locations? You will need to read up on the dress code. You cannot come dressed in jeans and a t-shirt( unless you play online( then they do not care what you wear). You cannot come in your pyjamas, though some have tried. You have to dress up formally. The formal wear depends on the location. That is why you need to read up on the dress code.

What About Online? You will find online alternatives that create more options for the players. Most of the options consist of online pokies(slots machines, more or less). The main draw for the online experience in Auckland(outside of the informal dress code)is the convenience. Players will get a deposit bonus when playing online. That gives you more options for your money. You can deposit any money into the site and the site will match it( within reason, of course).

An Example say, that you are out-of-town. You are visiting Auckland for some fun and excitement. You wake up one day and find that it is raining. You know you cannot go to the casino and play the tables. What are you going to do? Playing online is a great alternative if you are stuck in the hotel room due to a rainy day.

The Six Facts You Should Know About Playing Online With SkyCity

Keep in mind, these facts can work if you play online or at one of Auckland’s casinos’ physical locations.

1) You have to learn the rules, no matter what game you play online. Every game has a different set of rules. That means the rules differ between Texas Hold’Em and Keno(we use those two strictly as an example). Some rules might take more than fifteen minutes to read, but it reduces the chances that you might make a dire mistake later. The casinos have a way of flashing the lights to blind you from doing the right thing.

2) There is something called the “house edge”. That means the house is going to win most of the time. It is designed that way. That is how they make their money. The house edge is not the same for every game(an important fact to point out). Some people assume that the house edge will remain the same overall. The house edge( for those who do not know) is the overall money they make over a long period. Two things to keep in mind with that: One, you need to choose games at SkyCity that offer the lowest house edge possible. Two, The rules of the game could change the house edge. BlackJack is a good example of that( the house edge is only .25-2%).

3) Some of the SkyCity casinos offer lotteries. Do yourself a favour and stay away. The main reason a lot of people try it is the casinos let you win more money over a long period( as long as you make a small bet). The truth is, the odds are going to be against you no matter what you do.

4) Some players like to make a side bet on someone who is already winning(online and in the physical locations). That might seem like a good idea, in theory, but, not in practice. Say, for example, the person who is winning loses a big round. You might have had a large bet placed on the “supposed or assumptive” win. You are going to lose a lot of money. You can forget about the side bet if you know the house edge is going to work in your favour. Side bets are deadly anyway. What goes up is going to come down, eventually.

5) Once you register with SkyCity in Aukland, you will receive many offers. A lot of newcomers make the mistake of trusting all the offers. The problem is that there(most of the time) requirements place on those free spins and bonuses. You have to reach a certain amount to take part. That is why many expert players advise you to choose your offers and free spins wisely. You are going to lose value with five hundred spins compared to one hundred spins. Sometimes the “more the merrier” is not always the best option.

6) Coming across a cheater is inevitable. Let’s say you play against someone who is winning big no matter how good their hand is. What the person is doing is using the software to get the latest card algorithms. They use the algorithms to win and reject certain cards. The person is cheating. There is no way someone can win that well every game. No one has ever been that lucky. Cheaters are mostly found on online and offline poker games, but they can pop anywhere. You have two options: One, you can exit the online game and pick something else. Two, you can report the person to the online staff support or to someone who is working the physical casino location. You have no other options. The best thing is to educate yourself on players like that. You have to know a cheater to recognize a cheater. That way you can adjust your game playing accordingly.

Top Accommodations Near SkyCity Casino in Auckland, New Zealand

SkyTower is one of the major attractions in Auckland and attracts tourists around the world to try out their luck in the classic SkyCity casino. The casino has over 2000 machine games, more than 100 table games, and special weekly tournaments for their premium members. The SkyCity Resort offers 13 bar & Restaurants, and two grand hotels with more than 300 rooms in each. There are also other hotels near the SkyCity which can be used for accommodations during the packed seasons when the rooms in SkyCity are not available. Here is a list of the hotels nearest to the SkyCity Auckland Convention Center.

Hotel DeBrett

Only 0.5 km away from the Skycity, this hotel offers stylish boutique accommodation at the Central Business District. It is located at a fine location between the Viaduct Harbour and the SkyTower making it convenient for tourists.

The Tower Suite

This is the nearest accommodation you can find outside the SkyCity convention center. This suite is only 0.3 km away from SkyCity and has plenty of facilities including free WiFi, sauna bath, balcony, and air-conditioned apartments.

Hotel Grand Windsor MGallery

This hotel is located in the Central Business District in Auckland and is only 0.5 km away from the SkyCity convention center. It offers luxury accommodations in the heart of the city with ample activities nearby.


One-Bedroom Apartment on Queen Street

The One Bedroom apartment on Queen Street is a complete accommodation which offers luxury rooms, fitness center, a bar and their own casino. It is also near to the Masefield Beach and only 0.3 km away from the SkyCity convention center.

Star Victoria Serviced Apartments

The Star Victoria Services Apartments is a luxury accommodation with a fitness center and free WiFi which is located only a minute walk away from the SkyCity convention center and only 98 feet away from the SkyTower.

Grand Mercure Auckland

This hotel is located 700m away from the SkyCity convention center. It also has a bar and restaurant with a 24/7 room service. It offers great facilities and comfortable accommodation under a fair budget.

Grand Millennium Auckland

The Grand Millennium Auckland is 0.4 km away from SkyCity Casino and offers luxury accommodation, fitness center, WiFi, Spa, and a quick walk to the nearby shopping streets. It is a great place to reach SkyCity Casino quickly over a walk.

M Social Auckland

0.7 km from the SkyCity Casino this hotel offers great accommodation, breakfast, and hospitable staff. It has a walkable distance to the Viaduct Harbor while you can also reach the SkyCity convention center in a couple of minutes.

Avani Metropolis Residences

This hotel is located at the heart of the city with a 10-minute walk to the Queen Street shopping district as well as the SkyTower. The facilities include an indoor swimming pool, in-room kitchens, WiFi, and all the home appliances for a comfortable stay.

All That You Need to Know About Skycity Auckland


Very few places around the world tend to give you an all-round experience that moves ahead to be memorable. If we had to start naming them, then an essential contender to that list would be Skycity Auckland. This heavenly place opens its door towards endless possibilities, and you will be blown away by the same. So if you are planning on visiting, then there are a bunch of other details that you need to know about. Hence, to give you a complete idea here’s all that you need to know about Skycity Auckland.


1. The Casino

With gambling being quite famous, everyone wants to know about the gambling rules and how things get in shape at Skycity Auckland. Like any other casino, Skycity also follows age restrictions and regulations that mould casinos. Due to the location, one also needs to maintain a specific dress code to be eligible to enter the place. Dirty clothing and other such articles will not be permitted, and you should never think about trying out the same. Apart from that, you also need to be aware of the premium rewards that are applicable to both the casino and parking services.

2. The Hotel

In terms of accommodation, you can be assured to find the most luxurious rooms on the planet. With breakfast options and other such features, guests tend to love the entire setting with positive feedback coming in from all corners. But before coming in, one should also look for timings since it varies according to the day. Rooms tend to include all kinds of requirements, as the main aim is to provide luxury at its finest.

3. The Dinning

Coming to the next section, we are going to tell you all about the dining options. With valet parking in sight, you need not be worried about matters of safety since the place has got it covered. When it comes to the food menu, you need to remember that everything is cooked at the Skycity Central Kitchen with certified meat that deems to be halal. As far as options are concerned, you might be mesmerised as the place does not hold back. They tend to go beyond boundaries to offer you something delightful, healthy and mouth-watering surprises.


4. Parking

Parking is another primary concern for everyone who turns up at Skycity Auckland. By all means, the parking is not free, and you will have to pay a certain amount towards the same. The rates for the same varies as the days pass by with different amounts turning up for the weekend and weekdays. But that can also be claimed using premium rewards that come in terms of points.

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