All That You Need to Know About Skycity Auckland

Very few places around the world tend to give you an all-round experience that moves ahead to be memorable. If we had to start naming them, then an essential contender to that list would be Skycity Auckland. This heavenly place opens its door towards endless possibilities, and you will be blown away by the same. So if you are planning on visiting, then there are a bunch of other details that you need to know about. Hence, to give you a complete idea here’s all that you need to know about Skycity Auckland.


1. The Casino

With gambling being quite famous, everyone wants to know about the gambling rules and how things get in shape at Skycity Auckland. Like any other casino, Skycity also follows age restrictions and regulations that mould casinos. Due to the location, one also needs to maintain a specific dress code to be eligible to enter the place. Dirty clothing and other such articles will not be permitted, and you should never think about trying out the same. Apart from that, you also need to be aware of the premium rewards that are applicable to both the casino and parking services.

2. The Hotel

In terms of accommodation, you can be assured to find the most luxurious rooms on the planet. With breakfast options and other such features, guests tend to love the entire setting with positive feedback coming in from all corners. But before coming in, one should also look for timings since it varies according to the day. Rooms tend to include all kinds of requirements, as the main aim is to provide luxury at its finest.

3. The Dinning

Coming to the next section, we are going to tell you all about the dining options. With valet parking in sight, you need not be worried about matters of safety since the place has got it covered. When it comes to the food menu, you need to remember that everything is cooked at the Skycity Central Kitchen with certified meat that deems to be halal. As far as options are concerned, you might be mesmerised as the place does not hold back. They tend to go beyond boundaries to offer you something delightful, healthy and mouth-watering surprises.


4. Parking

Parking is another primary concern for everyone who turns up at Skycity Auckland. By all means, the parking is not free, and you will have to pay a certain amount towards the same. The rates for the same varies as the days pass by with different amounts turning up for the weekend and weekdays. But that can also be claimed using premium rewards that come in terms of points.

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