Auckland Nightlife

The Complete Guide to Auckland Nightlife

Auckland has always been at its prime by offering citizens the right kind of features to venture in and around the city. By doing so, the place never sleeps and takes up the concept of nightlife to the next possible extent. Places that are open during late hours come forward to provide people with a different experience that tends to promote fun and excitement. Whether you are with your group or all alone, Auckland has got you covered. Hence, to be briefed about the same, here’s our complete guide to the nightlife at Auckland.


The Nightclubs

With the night being so young, it was an obvious choice for people to go partying. For that very purpose, numerous nightclubs are available in and around Auckland that tends to cater to all kinds of partying needs. The biggest city comes forward to give a splendid experience in terms of bars and parties. Out of the top names, here are a few that need to be visited:

1. Habana Joes

Offering backpacker drink prices, you can be assured to get the right kind of drinks st Habana Joes. Their prices are affordable, and thus you will not regret the kind of money that you spent during your period of a hangover.


2. Danny Doolans

This Irish Bar always opens its door for drunk dancing, and the people tend to go crazy. With live music around, Danny Doolans can offer you a pleasant experience.

3. Orleans

Orleans is another important hub for partying that can offer you a lot. Their drinks reek of sophistication and cater to all kinds of people. Be it blues or jazz, their doors are open to all types of music genres and thus suiting all types of people.

4. Snapdragon

With the right setting and features, Snapdragon is a place that is first of its kind. Be it a cocktail or a hard drink; Snapdragon has all that you need for a perfect night. So if you’re looking for something different, then Snapdragon is the place.


Comedy Clubs

If you require something extra for your drinks, then laughter might be the best medicine. With top stand-ups comics, you will be grateful for all the laughs that they granted. In terms of places, there is one that is packed with all the required kinds of features. If you wish to know, then keep reading:


1. The Classic Comedy and Bar

The Classic Comedy and Bar is one of the best places for all the right reasons. Being situated on Queen Street, The Classic Comedy Bar is right at the heart of fun and excitement. From local to international acts, the place offers everything, and you will be glad about the same.

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