Top 7 Things To Do In Auckland

Auckland has a lot to offer to the tourists from sightseeing landscapes to underwater adventures. It is one of the most famous cities in New Zealand which attracts maximum tourists throughout the year. Here are some of the handpicked things that you can enjoy in Auckland along with your friends and family.

Sky Jumping at Sky Tower

Sky Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Auckland which stands tall at 192 m above ground. It has a narrow walkway at the top which is open for the tourists to attempt sky jumping. A jump from the Sky Tower gains a speed of 85 Kmph which offers a thrilling experience for those who want to take that leap of faith.


Waiheke Island

The Waiheke Island offers ample activities for tourists randing from adventurous zin lining and kayaking to a more exotic vineyard tour. The island also has several restaurants and accommodations for tourists. You can also enjoy swimming, jet skiing, and the white sand beaches of Oneroa while you are there.

Auckland Art Gallery

For the creative and imaginative minds out there, Auckland offers a classic art gallery which demonstrates a wide collection of national and world arts and artefacts. It is one of the famous places to see in Auckland. The gallery has the artworks of the most famous artists throughout history.

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is the most maintained parkland of Auckland. It is also one of the largest parklands which have the largest volcanic cone in Auckland. The place offers a countryside feel with the rolling slopes, green meadows, and cattle grazing around. The top of the hill has Maori people’s memorial, which offers a stunning view of the city.

War Memorial Museum

The War Memorial Museum is known for being among the top sightseeing places that you cannot miss. The building was founded in 1929 and was a piece of incomparable architecture. The museum offers the objects and images from the historical wars fought by New Zealand and also showcases the military expeditions.

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

This underwater aquarium is the top-rated Auckland attraction in the list of travellers. The place is filled with amusement and plenty of entertainment for all age groups. The aquarium offers over 80 marine species with sharks, sea turtles, jellyfishes, stingrays, and more. It also hosts the biggest sub-Antarctic colony of penguins in the southern hemisphere which is the main attraction of the aquarium.

Tiritiri Matangi Bird Sanctuary

Cruising through the Tiritiri Matangi Bird Sanctuary is a fun-filled activity of spotting the endangered bird species. It is one of the most pleasant wildlife reserves which inhabits a wide range of nearly extinct bird species such as Kokak. You will need an entire day to cover the entire island and at least 3 hours to go and come back from the island.

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