Have the time of your life at Sky City Casino

What you will find at SkyCity Casino

All of us need some time to be ourselves kick back and enjoy life to its absolute fullest. Take a break from our everyday routine of living, personal time with family and friends, time to feel a little wild, and like a child again. Why not satisfy this much needed and deserved quality time with your family and friends at the Sky City Casino in Auckland, New Zeland? At Sky City Casino, you will experience the best time of your life ever imagined. Any game you can think of is there, providing more than 2,000 slot game machines and 150 table games, you are sure to discover delightful entertainment at every corner.

Some of these games include, but are not limited to, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and Roulette. If you are one who enjoys playing with dice, you will be happy to know this casino has Snake Eyes and Tai-Sai. If you prefer the more fast-paced games, the casino has Rapid Roulette that you will enjoy. Sky City Casino has a private area, especially for VIP members with game tables. Baccarat is a favored game by many, and it also has a room of its own with 20 different game tables.

The casino has an incredibly large floor of 70,000 square feet, allowing plenty of room for everyone to play comfortably. At the casino, you will notice they have a bet limit posted of $500.00. However, the limit is set on a case by case foundation and will ask each player to show valid identification for the first time they play a bet that is over $500.00. During the year 2019, Sky City in New Zeland opened an online version of there services, keeping there branding of Sky City Casino. The Sky City online casino is 100% legal and located in Malta; therefore, the New Zeland law cannot touch it.

Other Features of the Casino

The food selection at the casino will blow your mind with pretty much any dish you could imagine. If you are in the mood for a Japanese dish, you will want to visit the MASU restaurant. Here the restaurant has a Japanese scenery of their tradition and offers the luxury of a full bar. Shawn Conolly’s famous Australian Born Grill offers the largest varieties of meats that serve lunchtime and dinner. At the Orbit 360, you will not only enjoy the food, but you find fascination in the rotating intervals that allow you to see the full scientific view.

The bars at the casino are magnificent! By Peter Gordon, a chef in New Zeland, the Bilotta is a Spanish style environment with consistent menus change. The Twenty One is one of the higher up bars, giving you a very welcoming feeling when you enter and have a live DJ every evening. At Sky City Casino, the hotels are incredibly spacious with a five-star rating and have nearly every facility you could imagine! The Sky City Hotel has something to do for just about everyone and has many restaurants to choose from and even has a theatre.

The casino has a Sugar Club that is well-liked by many. In this club, you will see beautifully accented pieces of furniture, such as elegant tableware, brass fittings, stone table tops, and much more, creating that special one of a kind environment that you will be sure to remember for a lifetime. The chef will offer you various small dishes during lunch hour and the same with dinner, therefore allowing room for the extraordinary desserts of delicacy. If you start to feel like you need a little pick-up and go during the Sky City Casino in New Zeland, be sure to stop to visit at the Rebo Pronto for one of the best cups of coffee to be found. At Rebo Pronto, you can also get soda and snacks. And when you feel the urge to wind down and or recapture your thoughts, you will find an inner sanctuary where you can go for relief. This facility specializes in professional treatments for both men and women and offers Eastern Therapies and therapies for your pleasure. With this refreshing experience, you will be well set up and prepared for your next adventure. All of the hosts at Sky City Casino take their responsibilities very seriously. As a requirement by the law, they have a standard in minimization and for preventing harm for New Zealand and internationally.

Etiquette in the Casino

Anyone who appears to have consumed too much alcohol and behaves poorly will get escorted off the premises. Any patrons who get caught begging and or loan sharking will be required to leave. The dress code at Sky City Casino is quite simple, asking that no gang-related icons be visible, No flip-flops are allowed from 9:00 pm.-5:00 am. Men are not permitted to wear sleeveless shirts, no torn or dirty clothes, or shoes are acceptable unless they were designed that way, and no trade or safety clothing is allowed. And to enter the Sky City Casino, you must be 20 years old or older. Many people find that the casino is much larger than they had expected once they get inside, and they notice somewhat hidden pokie machines in unexpected places. So how about planning your reservations ahead of time and prepare yourself for the best experience that you will ever have. Your family will not be able to thank you enough.

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