Horse Racing in Auckland Offers Much Thrills

While enjoying New Zealand’s best tourism, you may be interested in horse racing. In the city of Auckland, you will find good choices in them. There is the Avondale Racecourse, the Auckland Racing Club, and Alexandra Park. Here they will give you a chance to make a few bets while out looking around. The Avondale Racecourse is proud of its history in New Zealand. They have been in horse racing since 1889. They give the horses and riders fair racing on a track known for quality performance. It is a 1800m long track with right-handed turf. The track has versatile and consistency to rely upon. The jockey’s who ride it know it well. Along with the horse owners they use it often. The Avondale track has several dates throughout the year for racing. A day out here is full of excitement and enjoying the beautiful park. Every horse race gives those who bet new chances to win prizes. Their location in Auckland gives them good access to visitors. There are three courses that Auckland uses year-round. They provide a thrilling show, with fashion and plenty of food available. While here try betting on your favourite horse for fun.

The main horse racecourse in Auckland is the Auckland Race Club. Located in Ellerslie, New Zealand it is where the majority of fans come. Dressed in high fashion and enjoying the great scenery. One recent racing event was the Barfoot and Thompson Races. They were apart of a series of races held throughout the year. They race thoroughbred horses and take pride in their winners. The Auckland Cup Week was held with this event. The events go on through the year and are given unique names. There is also the Autumn Race day event and the Queens Birthday Race day. They, however, are cancelled, unfortunately. The city of Ellerslie is a beautiful suburb located near Auckland. It’s here you find this great track and enjoy horses doing there best. Horse racing takes speed and the jockey’s put them to the test. Going around every turn, picking up speed until crossing the finish line. Once the winner has won he gets the trophy at the end. For anyone wanting to place bets, they can choose their horse first. Then if they are right achieving success. The horse that races fastest will be given the trophy. At the end of the day players, betters and onlookers will have enjoyed much to see.

Another race track here is the Alexandra race track. Here you can enjoy good horse racing, in a track with views of Auckland. They have a restaurant on the fifth floor called Top of the Park. With floor to ceiling windows to enjoy races from. The restaurant is the best in town, making the day great for horse racing. Their restaurant has a celebrity chef who has just left life on the road. His name is Richard Harris and he has made quite a name for himself. Before coming here he travelled with musicians all over the country. Now his main job is cooking at Alexandra Park’s restaurant. He says the only difference is those he works alongside now have four legs. It has around a thousand events a year, and he is running it very well. Richard says he can hear the sounds of hoofs beating, and the roar of the crowd together. They get around 160,000 people a year that visit his restaurant. He has skill in cooking, that gets high remarks from Alexandra’s customers. Making food here is his career which is going great.

One major event at Avondale is the Avondale Cup. Run-on a track 2200 meters long with a prize if 150,000 dollars. It puts them in a category all there own. In Auckland, people do sightseeing and want the best. Going to the horse races is just the thing for it. When you’re at Auckland/Ellerslie racetrack, you can enjoy a platinum package during it. Here you will get a table located in the hospitality area of your choice. You will also get to meet a tipster that will give some knowledge of the day ahead. Then you will be allowed to the horse’s weigh-in area. Here you will meet the jockey’s and have time to talk to them. They will give some thoughts on the day’s race, and how it should go. The days plan under the Platinum package will go great. You can also enjoy food and drink at it. Their cuisine is selected to be the highest choice in town. From culinary experts who have taken their time to make it exceptional.

Auckland race track provides the premier thoroughbred horse races well. Visit many times over the year and enjoy all the occasions. Fashion is a thing here you will not miss. The women do very well showing their best fashionable styles. During the races, you’re looking out for your horse closely. Sitting with family and friends and seeing who achieves the most. Have drinks on the house with your friends by paying upfront beforehand. The partygoers are having much fun, as the races go on and people win at them. It is the horses that are the centre of attention during racing. They’re putting on a show that provides thrills that families will enjoy. As the race goes on the competition stays great.

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