Getting to Skycity

Getting to Skycity Casino Auckland Through Train, Bus and Ferry

Be it the services or features; there are a whole bunch of reasons why people like to go to Skycity Casino Auckland. But before planning on going there, you need to look into the modes of transportation. From train to the Ferry, we are going to be talking about three different sources that can help you get across. In terms of comfort, one can be happy about all these options, although the price can be an exemption. Hence, to be more precise here’s all that you need to know about getting to Skycity Casino Auckland through train, bus and Ferry.



When it comes to the train, you need to follow a couple of procedures before beginning aspects. First, one has to reach the domestic airport and take the train from Stop B International Terminal. In terms of duration, you will have to wait for around 30 minutes because the train has to go through 11 stops before reaching the final destination. At 237 Queen Street, you need to get down at the station and walk for about 400 meters. By all means, one need not worry about the destination because the train is also reachable from the Auckland Museum and the beach.



Although a bus journey might not be as appealing as a train journey, it lets you explore the place. But before opting for the bus, you need to be prepared because there are a lot of procedures to be followed. One can either take the Hamilton central bus from the airport or other buses such as 221 and 249 as they have different routes that help you reach the same destination. By all means, people usually prefer to take the Hamilton Central bus since that seems to be the viable option. With a couple of walks along the line, the Hamilton Central bus route can help you have a fruitful journey.


If the bus or train does not seem to be your favourite, then the last option that we have to offer is the Ferry. Since it is open throughout the week, these Ferry’s pass-through Queen street. For this purpose, you have will to hop on board the Wynward Quarter to Karangahape. Once you reach Queen street, you need to walk a little to reach your destination. Their network is widely accessible, and thus Ferry may seem like the right option. Towards the end, most of these travel options fit the bill and can get carried forward based on a minimal budget. Thus you have nothing to worry about since money will be limited. Hence, that ends guide to help you get to Skycity Casino Auckland through Train, Bus and Ferry.


If you are unable to to get to SkyCity in Auckland you can always avail yourself of the SkyCity online casino which can be accessed online anywhere in New Zealand. The online casino does not have all the shows, restaurants and bars that you would find at the Auckland based casino but it does have some benefits you would not find at a land based casino. The obvious benefit is that the online casino gives all new customers a fantastic welcome bonus which you would not receive if you were to visit the casino in person. There is also the benefit that you do not have to wait to play your favorite pokies and can just load them up on your phone. The biggest benefit is one that many customers don’t know, and that is that the payouts at the online casino are much bigger than those at the land based casino. The average payout percentage at land based pokies is around 60%-65% whilst the SkyCity online pokies have an average of between 94%-98% payouts depending on the pokie you are playing.

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