Games in Auckland

The Best Activities & Games in Auckland

Activities and games tend to contribute to a significant part of Auckland. Their games are one of its kind, and numerous people seem to be falling for the same. Leaving the nightlife aside, these activities can be equally fun and appealing for all the right reasons. But if you had to go around looking for such events, then you might end up with numerous names. Selecting the good ones from the lot can be a hard task. Thus to make matters simple, we are going to the job for you. Hence, here are some of the best activities and games in Auckland.


1. Virtual Reality Studio

Virtual Reality Studio is one of New Zealand’s first, and people seem to be loving the same. The place tends to cater to your imagination and tries to change aspects for the better. Their premium experience offers a world-class experience that caters to customer needs and requirements. Going by reviews, one can be happy to note that people have nothing but good words to describe this virtual experience. The relaxing feature and comfortable aspects of the place is second to none.


2. Escapade NZ

Games mixed with a bit of culture are rare and unique. Escapade NZ tries to give you that unique experience as they cross over culture. Be it observational skills or street smart; you need to bring your A-game to the table if you are planning on winning. Decoding clues and suggestions need to be your priority, and it is the only way to escape the place. With five culture-inspired rooms, your aim needs to be accordingly with a node to detailing.

3. Escape Masters

Like Escapade NZ, Escape Masters is another game with the main aim of making it out of place. But you have a time limit, and you need to get out before it’s too late.  By forming teams, you need to be able to seek solutions to the various kinds of problems that they put forward. Thanks to their theme and concept, Escape Masters has witnessed international demand and multiple people from all over the world tend to come and play this particular game.


4. Gravity NZ Mt Wellington

A casual Sunday needs to be moulded as a relaxing time for kids. For that purpose, they need to play different kinds of games that match their level of interest. The Gravity NZ Mt Wellington is one such place that offers everything from Trampolines to ninja courses. By all means, your kids will be thrilled to hop on to their rides and be taken into a whole different planet. Hence remember these places and make the most of Auckland’s games and activities.

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